• Practice Acquisition guidance including price evaluation, demographics, sale and purchase contract negotiation
  • Guidance in financing option
  • Guidance in building new office including selection of vendor for equipment for best pricing, help in finding contractors to get better price quotes
  • Insurance credentialing and reimbursement rate negotiation
  • Startup marketing guidance including setting up local business listings, yahoo, google and Bing. Marketing strategy including post cards, social media and local press etc.

Fee Structure

200 dollars per hour for practice transition and building a new office. 4-7 hours of my time is enough for most of the transitions.

Insurance Credentialing – 200 dollars per insurance company

Startup Marketing and Practice Growth – Typically you will need my service for 6-12 months. I charge 500 dollars per month. I will guide practice growth strategies and you will pay actual cost to 3rd party vendor for their services.

Happy Customer

What Customers Speak about my service

Dr. Ridhima Goyal – Torrington CT - Rajeev has helped me in acquiring my first practice, building a new office and acquiring a local office to get me out of Medicaid business. He provide me solution of most of the problems related to practice acquisition, building new office and general office management issues. Most important his fee is very reasonable. I would recommend his services to everyone

Dr. Sameer Dogra – Bedford NH He is simply exceptional. He helped me to renegotiate a contract and save me 200k. I purchased an overprice practice and he is a dear friend of mine. He has excellent knowledge of dental practice acquisition, pricing, demographics and insurance credentialing. You know someone experience is on your side when purchasing practice.

Dr. Roopam Garg – TX – I got help from Rajeev for practice transition. This practice was a corporate office and I was part of this practice as an associate. I was offered that practice on a very high price of 400k and based on his guidance we came up an offer at 50% and we acquired the practice for reasonable price. He also has a team of accountant and attorney. I am happy with his services and will recommend to everyone who is looking to acquire practice.

About Me: Thanks for reading my paragraph. My name is Rajeev Kumar and I have owned multiple small-scale businesses, including dental offices and an IT marketing firm. My wife is a dentist and that’s how I learned about dental business in the US. I helped her buy her first dental office. Like most young, dental professionals, we were very confused and scared during the acquisition process. After our first successful acquisition of a Medicaid office, I helped her doubleher profits, from $400k to $800k in three years. We purchased multiple offices and built two more from scratch. I purchased one office for $90k,and increased profits from$50k to $600k within two years. This gave me experience in almost all aspects of acquisition and building new offices. I have helped multiple friends in acquiring dental offices and guided them through their progress. I have my own share of learnings as part of practice acquisition e.g. we purchased a Medicaid office instead of PPO/FFS, One dentist fired all staff members before signing sale and purchase contract. Most important learning is that most sellersarewilling to charge thousands of dollars to dental graduates, assuming that they already have millions of dollars e.g. Dental companies will show you most expensive equipment that make them most profit not that is affordable and good for you. So, I started Dentalentrepreneurship with the aim of providing cost-effective guidance to dental professionals. My services are very reasonably priced and I assure you that dental professionals using my services will benefit by thousands of dollars and will have a much smoother transition process. You will have my experience on your side.

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